Failed and Complex Tooth Extraction

Man holding face with toothache

Minor Surgical Extractions

Although most tooth extractions are completed without any complications, there may be rare occasions where problems arise during an extraction.

  • The tooth can fracture, and, in some cases, your dentist may be unable to remove the tooth in its entirety.
  • Or, the extraction may be too complex and outside the skill set of a general dentist.

In both situations you would normally be referred onto secondary care in a local hospital, for a minor surgical extraction.

Along with any referral process, the waiting list can sometimes be several weeks, however, Dr Vivek Giddani is able to offer minor surgical extractions for failed extractions and complex cases in the comfort of Larkham House Dental Practice.

We are happy to take external referrals from dental colleagues or from patients themselves for a failed extraction. We have the latest CBCT imaging scanner to enable advanced diagnosis for complex procedures and patient care. We aim to see failed extraction patients within 7 days of receiving the referral. Please contact us for further details.

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