Dental referrals to Larkham House

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We offer a dental referral service for fellow Dental Professionals

Larkham House is proud to offer a dental referral service from Private and NHS practices to our dental colleagues, for complex procedures and patient care from throughout the South West region.

Our dentists with a special interest, are committed to ongoing postgraduate education, ensuring that the treatments we offer is first class, and performed to the highest standards. We have a caring and supportive approach to patient care which our fellow dental professional partners can rely on.

We work in close partnership with our referring dentists, to complement their existing services and broaden the range of treatment options available to their patients.


Available Treatments

Extraction:£180 - £250
Failed extraction:£200 - £300
Third molar surgical extraction:£200 - £300
Oroantral communication closure:£295 - £400
Gingival and periodontal surgery from£400- £1000
Periodontal care:£300 - £500
Soft tissue grafting from:£250
Dental Implant, single tooth:£2500
Implant retained denture from:£5000
Implant complications
Block bone graft:£1500
Simple sinus lift:£1800
Large sinus lift:£2300
CBCT scan£180
CBCT scan and report£250
Emergency and Oral Medicine cases also accepted

All imaging service fees must be paid before the patient appointment is booked.

Online Dental Referral
OPG scan referrals at Larkham House

When should a patient be referred?

The following patient should be considered for a referral:

  • Patients who consider having implants to replace lost teeth
  • Patients with treatment needs exceeding the experience of the referring practitioner
  • Patients with complex problems necessitating care at a higher level
  • Patients who require hygiene therapy or more complex periodontal treatment.
CBCT scan referrals at Larkham House

How a referral works

  1. Either download or fill in the online referral form. Please include a digital radiograph with a medical history
  2. A confirmation of the referral received will be sent to the referring practitioner
  3. The patient will be contacted immediately to arrange an consultation appointment
  4. The patient will attend the appointment
  5. Diagnosis and treatment progression will be sent to the referring dentist.

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