Larkham House Dental Practice Treatments

Please find below a selection of treatments provided at Larkham House Dental Practice. If you require further information about these treatments or would like to speak to a dentist then please contact us today.

Our Treatments

White Fillings
These are tooth colour fillings that bond to the tooth structure so are less destructive to keep in place
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Aesthetic Crowns
These crowns can be made of different materials. They do not have metal which can darken a tooth or leave a black line at the margin with time. Aesthetic crowns have a long term strong high aesthetic result.
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Dental Implant Care
Vivek and his nurse Lauren work their hardest ensure that your Larkham Dental Implant or Minor Oral Surgery experience is second to none.
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Periodontal Treatments
Known as Gum Disease. This can Happen because of lack of brushing or incorrect brushing of teeth and gums. It’s the major cause of tooth loss in the UK ahead of decay and most patients are unaware until sever mobility occurs
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Whitening and Air Polishing
Whitening :- the use of non-harming solutions to remove discolorations of teeth. The solution is used in a tray by the dentist. Air Polishing :- the use of fine silicon beads to remove any stains on the tooth surface caused by coffee or tar in smoking.
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Wrinkle Reduction Treatments
Material’s used on the face by the dentist to help reduce wrinkles and face lines.
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Invisible Braces
A choice of dental appliances to aid you achieve the perfect smile
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Night Guards
To prevent fracturing teeth or restorations done by the dentist when you grind at night when you can bite up to five times harder than when you eat
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Professional Sports Guards
To be worn for all contact sports to give adequate protection with layers that dispute forces.
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